Cancer? Me?

I still find that difficult to believe a year after diagnosis. Since October 2019, I have never really felt like I had cancer (triple negative breast cancer). As you read my blog you may think I went through a lot. But please believe me when I say, I got off easy. So many other women and men (yes, men get breast cancer, too) suffer so much more than I have with cancer treatment.

I think there were a lot of things that were lucky about what happened to me before, during and after my year of cancer treatment. Many people wouldn’t consider a lot of it lucky, but let’s just say, for me, the stars aligned in mysterious ways.

My blog to this point, early November 2020, is a journal about my cancer journey. But now I am going to delve into the very personal topic — for some a taboo topic — of depression. I will also provide updates on the cancer situation (which hopefully will be few).

When I first started this blog, some of my friends and family privately emailed or called me asking what happened to OLD Beth. These were people who knew of my long, off-and-on, struggle with depression. I have not been known by my very close friends as a super positive person. I’m a life-long pessimist. As you read, I think you will agree that most of the posts from this past year of cancer treatment are pretty up-beat. Mysterious.

So posts after November 2020 will discuss depression. Not depression in general, but MY depression, Developmental Trauma Disorder. Bet you didn’t know there are a wide variety of depressions. I’m not a mental health professional, nor am I a cancer doctor, but I have learned a thing or two about cancer from going through the treatment. Similarly, I know a thing or two about my brand of depression from going through depression its therapy.

How on earth could I possibly have been positive about cancer and what the doctors were doing to my body in attempt to cure me of triple negative breast cancer? Well, read on. As I said before, the stars aligned for me in mysterious ways.

A sort of disclaimer: the information and stories I tell are colored by my own experience. I may not have remembered every exact word the doctors and nurses have said. At times information was flying at me so quickly, I couldn’t fully digest it all. The information in my blog is my best remembrance of what happened during my cancer journey. If I have not gotten every detail correct, please forgive me.

As with most blogs, the most recent post is first. For those of you who are newcomers to my blog, you may want to start at the beginning. Click the text in the yellow box below to read my story.

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